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6 Best Free AMP Blogger Themes

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative to build web pages for static content that render fast. On February 24, 2016, Google officially integrated AMP listings to its mobile search results. Since then, many websites and blogs have changed their themes into AMP ready templates. Google shows an AMP symbol to the search results of such websites, which increases the click through rate in large scale.

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Many web designers had developed AMP templates for WordPress, and Blogger had no any AMP Blogger templates. The scenario has changed now because some web designers have developed few AMP Blogger templates, and interestingly, all of them are free! Let’s have a look at the best free AMP Blogger templates.

Best Free AMP Blogger Themes

1. AMPNews

AMP Blogger Templates
AMPNews Blogger template by Lagioke is one of the best AMP Blogger templates available for Blogger so far. It comes with a 3 column design, one column at the left for labels, middle one for posts and the right one for the sidebar. The layout is simple and it has a material design. The template does not lack a related posts widget, popular posts widget, share buttons or Ad slots even though it is made with AMP HTML. Why not use this faster loading AMP Blogger template when you have nothing to lose?

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Free AMP Templates
AMP HTML is one of the nicest AMP Blogger templates in terms of its look and feel. It has a 2 column design on the home page and single column design in static pages. Its on-click sidebar is modern and will make your blog look extremely professional. It has AMP share buttons but lacks related posts widget which can be added manually. 

3. Blanterdeamp

Free AMP Templates
Blanterdeamp Blogger template is the next template for Blogger which is coded in AMP HTML. This template is suitable for Blogs of various categories like blogging, technology etc. This template is fully equipped to replace your old HTML template. Blanterdeamp has necessary widgets like share buttons, popular posts, Disqus comments, related posts etc, which means that you get full options of an HTML template even when you migrate to this template.

4. Vletters

Free AMP Templates
If you are looking for a dark background template with all the necessary widgets, here is Vletters AMP HTML Blogger template. This template is equipped with some well customized popular posts widget, related posts widget, and Ad slots. Even though this template is one of the AMP Blogger templates, it does not look like one because of the images and the customizations given in the template.

5. Kompi

AMP Blogger Templates
Kompi is the last one in the list of AMP Blogger templates. This one comes with a featured post section which no other templates above had. It also has share buttons, popular posts with thumbnails and dynamic related posts section. The comment system used is Disqus as in all the above templates, and also you can have a link list at the bottom.

6. Betapress AMP

Betapress is a simple but unique AMP HTML Blogger theme. The template uses no Javascript so the theme will load within a second. This AMP theme has all necessary features like social buttons and share buttons, including WhatsApp share button which will appear when the article is accessed from a mobile device.

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So that’s it! Which template did you apply on your blog? Did we miss something? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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