Best PPD Sites : Top 10 Best Pay Per Download Sites – 2017

Every part-time blogger and full-time blogger tries to make the maximum out of their blog, by using different methods of monetization like affiliate marketing, banner ads, etc. However, a downloads website has lesser options for monetization since most of the downloads websites will not be able to use affiliate marketing effectively. People visit their websites to download files and not to buy products, so downloads website owners have to search for other monetization options which can make as much money as affiliate marketing can. But they can choose one of the best PPD sites to monetize the download links and to save some webspace.

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There are many different ways to monetize downloads website/blog. Downloads websites and blogs are found to get more CTR(Click-Through Rate) than other websites. This is simply because the people visiting downloads website are ready to click on something on that website, where on other websites, they are there just to read something or to watch a video. So this means downloads websites can earn much more than other websites. 

One of the best ways to monetize a downloads website is to use one of the best Pay Per Download networks. More about best pay per download sites coming up…

About Best PPD (Pay Per Download) Networks

Pay Per Download means you get paid for each download. There are much Best Pay Per Download sites out there on the internet which pays $1 per download, but most of them can badly affect your customer experience. They will lock your download link behind a task or action, most probably a survey in which the user will have to spend some 5 minutes, or a signup task in which the user will have to enter some personal information like email, address etc. Nobody likes to spend 5 minutes to download a file nor to enter personal info so your user experience will lower and they won’t click on your blog URL next time they see it on Google.
There are some other best PPD sites which just adds some advertisements in the download link, which will be opened in a new tab when clicked and the download will start in the background. This does not bother readers much so it would not affect your user experience, but the earnings will be much low than a task-type network. But the users won’t go back without downloading so your total earnings after a few visitors can reach that of a task-type network.Tips to choose the best PPD site:

  • Check the payout rates. Choose the one which pays the most for your top traffic country.
  • Choose between Pay Per Action or Pay Per Click. It’s your choice, but you should consider the value of your files.
  • Check minimum payment threshold and payment methods. Choose the one which is the best for you.

Best Pay Per Download Sites – 2017

FileIce – Best PPD Sites

Best PPD sites without Survey

FileIce is one of the best pay per download networks. You can upload your files in FileIce, but the users will have to complete a survey to get the download link. You don’t have to pay for hosting your files in FileIce. But as I mentioned earlier, using FileIce can badly affect your user experience. Still, you can use FileIce if your files are worth completing a survey, like a file which is not available anywhere else on the internet or a newly released movie etc. FileIce pays $1/survey on an average. So if 10 users try to download this file and only two of them completes the survey, you get $2 in your bag, which is worth 30 clicks in PPC networks. Not a bad deal, huh?

UsersCloud – Best Pay Per Download Sites

Best Pay Per Download Sites 2017

UsersCloud is the second one of the best Pay Per Download sites for monetizing a downloads website. It offers unlimited free storage space for all registered users and you will get paid for each download. The moment a user clicks on the download link, a new tab will be opened which contains ads. The download will be available in the first tab. So UsersCloud’s working is same as that of TusFiles.

You don’t have to worry about the user experience since the download will be available in a few clicks. So if you want to focus on user experience as well as the income, UsersCloud is the best PPD network for you.

DailyUploads – Best PPD Sites Without Survey

Daily Uploads is another good Pay Per Download network that you should try. You can upload your files to DailyUpoads and share the link on your blog/website. You get paid each time one downloads the file. It pays you up to $16 for 1000 downloads, depending on the traffic quality. The minimum payout for DailyUploads is just $10. You can redeem your earnings through PayPal, Payza etc.


UploadOcean – Best Pay Per Download Networks

Pay Per Download Sites 2017

UploadOcean- the Pay Per Download network which pays up to $21 for 1000 downloads. You will get paid for each and every click on the download link. The more your traffic, the more you earn. They have many payment methods, from PayPal to Paytm and Mobikwik cash.

Adscend Media – Top PPD Sites

Best PPD Sites 2017

AdscendMedia is another one of the best PPD sites which are CPA networks AdscendMedia locks the download link behind a task, most probably a survey or an app download. They offer up to $90 eCPM. The task can be app install, survey, sign up, video or free trials. If you have a download website which has a good traffic, you are gonna get paid for each click on the download button. AdscendMedia pays up to $5 per app download. Not a bad PPD site, huh?

ShareCash – Highest Paying PPD Website

Top PPD websites

ShareCash is another PPD site which works the same as AdscendMedia. You can upload your files in ShareCash and each time a user clicks on the link and unlocks the link, you will get paid. The payout is $1 on an average per download. However, the user will have to complete a survey or a signup to unlock the download link. You can save some hosting space if you are using ShareCash.

DollarUpload – Best PPD Sites

Top PPD Networks 2017

DollarUpload is another one of the best PPD sites which allow users to upload files. You can upload files in DollarUpload and share the link on your website. Each time a user unlocks the link by installing an app or completing a task, you get paid, by an average of $1/action. You can upload any kinds of files in DollarUpload.


Best PPD Networks

IndiShare offers up to $40 per 1000 downloads. Some PPD sites do not allow uploading videos or mp3 files, but you can upload videos or mp3 in IndiShare, and each time one downloads the file, you get paid. However, the amount you get depends on the size of the file as well as the traffic quality. You won’t get paid for downloading files of less than 1MB.

Top Pay Per Download networks without survey pay up to $17 per 1000 downloads, depending on the file size and traffic quality. They will add some pop-under ads with the download link, and each time a user clicks on the download button, you will get paid. The user will not have to complete surveys or install apps so this will not affect your user experience. This PPD site will be the best for you if you have large files and don’t want to disappoint users.

Top 10 PPD Newtorks

It was first, and due to some reasons, their domain got blocked. Now they are back with Their payout rates are same as that of, but the minimum payment threshold is $50 for Payoneer and Skrill. Being mentioned at the last doesn’t mean it is the worst one in the list. This is also a good PPD site but you have to find which one of these 10 suits you the best.


So these 10 are the best PPD sites on the internet. We have included both best Pay Per Download sites without survey and best PPD sites with survey in this list. You have to choose one of these best PPD sites 2017 from this list and use it on your website. Also, you can experiment between these PPD sites to find which one suits you the best.
Which PPD site was the best for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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