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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Blogger Theme

Web designers around the world has contributed many good looking and search engine friendly templates for Blogger blogs. The default Blogger template lacks necessary search engine optimisations and has no features like page navigation, facebook comments, responsive design etc. It is necessary to choose a custom Blogger template to rank better in search engine and to offer readers a good experience. There are many websites which provide awesome Blogger templates for free, one can choose a good blogger template according to the niche of the blog. However, there are many things to consider when choosing a blogger template, to make a blog look professional and more search engine friendly.

Things to consider when choosing a Blogger template

Blogger template features

1. Responsive Design

A Responsive design means the layout will shrink according to the width of the device used to access the webpage. It is a necessary feature of a Blogger template since even Google considers mobile friendliness of a website in ranking. The responsive design will give a good user experience to the reader and so it will improve your blog’s impression among readers. Most of the websites have moved into responsive designs, then why not you?!

2. Look and Feel

The look and feel of a Blogger template is your impression at the first sight. Make sure the template is neat and clean and the overall structure is good. The template should offer easy readability, the font should be good looking and easily readable. Also consider the line height of headings and content and the font size. A font size of 16px or higher is preferred, since 16px is the size of font in a book.

3. SEO Optimised

A Blogger template should be well optimised for search engines. It is the basic feature if one wants his/her blog to rank better in search engines and to be popular in short time. One don’t have to be an SEO expert to check the SEO of a template. Just opening the source code and checking if the heading tags are properly used, and checking the page size will do it. The page size should be as small as possible. Also check the number of mark up errors and page load time. ​If you are a beginner to SEO and blogging, you can use SEO checker tools. 

4.Related Posts Widget

​Related posts widget appears below the blog post, which shows the posts from same label of the blog post. Related posts widget will help increase a blog’s page views and average session duration. It will also help readers find the content they might be looking for very easily, and so it will give them a good experience, which matters in your blog popularity and the number of returning visitors. Related posts is a must have widget of a nice and good Blogger template.

5. HTML5 and CSS3

A Blogger template should be written in HTML5 and CSS3. The template should not use depleted HTML tags and too much images in design. Old HTML will lose browser compatibility over time and it is always better to walk in time!

6. Custom Search Box

The default Blogger search box looks so unprofessional and cannot be placed anywhere except the sidebar. A search box should be good looking and it should be placed at the top of the page, so that users can find it easily. A custom Blogger template must have a good looking search box that does not get hidden in mobile devices. Most preferred locations of a search box are the header section and the navigation bar section.

7. Custom Share Buttons

Blogger has a share buttons widget which looks worst in the Internet. Nobody will like to share posts using those buttons. A share button should be looking neat. Consider the look and feel of share buttons widget when choosing a Blogger template.

Final Words

The 7 points above are the basic things to consider when choosing a Blogger template. You can leave those widgets like share buttons, search box and related posts, but it will affect your blog rating and experience for sure. The other points, if left, can cause a depression your blog ranking in Google search results and hence should not be left in any cases.
Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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