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Previously, the author wrote an article about the rematch of La Liga in the form of an online game of "FIFA20". The final championship was won by the little prince of Real Madrid's game Ascencio, which is regarded as the first championship for the Galaxy Battleship in 2020. However, due to the absence of Barcelona, ​​the joy and accomplishment of Ascencio's victory this time may be greatly reduced.

此前,作者以“ FIFA20”在线游戏的形式撰写了有关西甲复赛的文章。最终冠军由皇家马德里队的游戏Ascencio的小王子赢得,这被认为是2020年银河战舰的首个冠军。然而,由于巴塞罗那的缺席,Ascencio这次胜利的喜悦和成就可能大大减少。

Originally, Barcelona was going to send Roberto to participate in the FIFA 20 tournament in La Liga, but one of the team sponsors, the gaming giant Konami, who has an in-depth cooperation agreement with Barcelona and is also Barcelona’s official e-sports partner, is not happy It participates in this event. The company’s signature "Pro Evolution Soccer" (PES) owns Barcelona's in-depth cooperation copyright, so it is normal for Barcelona to fail to appear in the La Liga "FIFA20" online confrontation. No one wants their trump card to give Propaganda on the opponent's platform.

最初,巴塞罗那打算派罗伯托参加西甲的FIFA 20锦标赛,但是球队赞助商之一,游戏巨头Konami,与巴塞罗那有深入的合作协议,并且还是巴塞罗那的官方电子竞技伙伴,不高兴它参加了此活动。该公司的签名“ Pro Evolution Soccer”(PES)拥有巴塞罗那的深入合作版权,因此巴塞罗那未能出现在西甲“ FIFA20”在线对抗中是正常的。没有人希望他们的王牌在对手的平台上进行宣传。

The battle between "Live Football" and "FIFA" is actually the epitome of the long copyright war between Konami and EA in the field of football games.

“ Live Football”和“ FIFA”之间的战斗实际上是Konami和EA在足球游戏领域长期版权战争的缩影。

As you can see from the previous article, my FIFA experience is relatively poor, and it is a live fan like a fake. In the era when the visual rendering technology was relatively backward in my childhood or even a teenager, the realism of football games was largely derived from operability, and the reason why I fell in love with "Football" was its excellent "feel".


I was born i亚搏彩票app官网登录n a small city in the late 1980s and grew up playing FC red and white machines like many friends. Because I like football, I also like football games on red and white computers. Nintendo’s football game "Soccer" and TECMO's "World Cup Football" belong to the technical conditions at the time, and try to simulate reality by polishing operations. Football games; while "Angel Wings" and "Blood Football" expand the playability of football games in other ways. I like the operational feel of TECMO's "Football World Cup" better, but I still thank Dakongyi and Guofujun for the joy they brought me as a child.

我在1980年代后期出生在一个小城市,并像许多朋友一样玩FC红白机。因为我喜欢足球,所以我也喜欢红色和白色计算机上的橄榄球比赛。任天堂的足球游戏“ Soccer”和TECMO的“ World Cup Football”属于当时的技术条件,它们试图通过抛光操作来模拟现实。橄榄球赛;而“天使之翼”和“血腥足球”则以其他方式扩展了足球比赛的可玩性。我更喜欢TECMO的“世界杯足球赛”的操作感觉,但是我仍然感谢达孔易和国富君小时候给我带来的快乐。

With the advancement of technology, games are becoming more and more realistic in terms of operability and visuality. I have also gradually come into contact with "Football" and "FIFA", but at the beginning of this century, even EA, which has obtained a large amount of copyrights, was unable to make game characters look like real people. The advantage of copyright in EA's hands is largely expressed in Can be used on the club’s genuine visual logo. At that time, I came into contact with "FIFA 2001", just taking the Barcelona team as an example. From a visual point of view, I can only recognize the "black big" Kluivert and the "ponytail" Petit, but in terms of live football It has basically reached such a level, but twenty years ago, this picture was already amazing.

随着技术的进步,游戏在可操作性和可视性方面变得越来越现实。我也逐渐接触到“足球”和“ FIFA”,但是在本世纪初,即使是获得了大量版权的EA,也无法使游戏角色看起来像真实的人。 EA手中版权的优势主要体现在可以在俱乐部的真实视觉徽标上使用。当时,我以巴塞罗那队为例接触了“ FIFA 2001”。从视觉上看,我只能认出“黑色大个子”克鲁伊维特和“马尾辫”佩蒂特,但就实况足球而言,它已经基本达到了这样的水平,但是二十年前,这张照片已经令人赞叹。

But in terms of operability, it was a real win. I still clearly remember that I used Bayern’s power center Yankel to make a bicycle breakthrough. In fact, as long as you press the right combination of keys, anyone can make a fancy breakthrough (yes, I was in EA’s NBA live 2001 "I also tried O'Neill's crotch dribble)... In FIFA of that era, there were a lot of these cool techniques that were realized with simple operations, the operability was too simple and the experience was not very good.

但就可操作性而言,这是一次真正的胜利。我仍然清楚地记得,我曾利用拜仁的动力中心Yankel突破了自行车。实际上,只要您按正确的组合键,任何人都可以取得突破性的突破(是的,我在EA的NBA live 2001中,“我也曾尝试过奥尼尔的腿运球)……”这些很酷的技术都是通过简单的操作实现的,可操作性太简单,体验也不是很好。

The live series has always had the fineness of Japanese games. The game is trying to simulate real actions. Although there are also unsolvable "behind the plug" and "two over one" cooperation, this does not affect the overall game experience. Players can pass The handle makes the same team play differently. At that time, my friends and I experienced the thrill of "playing football with hands" in the PS game hall.


In that era, football games had greater operability than visual experience in terms of source of realism. EA took more copyrights but had no advantage.

在那个时代,就真实性而言,足球比赛具有比视觉体验更大的可操作性。 EA获得了更多版权,但没有优势。

Originally EA's advantage was copyright. In 1993, they launched a game called "FIFA International Soccer". Since then, EA and FIFA signed a cooperation agreement and obtained FIFA authorization. Under the banner of "official game", EA has taken the lead in this long copyright war. In "FIFA 96", there are already 12 different leagues and more than 100 teams authorized.

最初,EA的优势是版权。 1993年,他们推出了一款名为“ FIFA国际足球”的游戏。此后,EA与FIFA签署了合作协议并获得了FIFA授权。 EA在“官方游戏”的旗帜下,在这场漫长的版权战争中处于领先地位。在“ FIFA 96”中,已经有12个不同的联赛和100多个授权球队。

Know yourself and the enemy, a hundred battles will never end. While maintaining its own copyright advantages, EA is also aware of the gap in its operability. In order to strengthen its weaknesses, it has invested heavily in technology and talents. It even dug a large number of "Live Football" production staff from Konami to enrich it. The "FIFA" team finally improved the operability of its game until it matched or even surpassed its opponents.

认识自己和敌人,一百场战斗将永远不会结束。在保持自己的版权优势的同时,EA还意识到其可操作性方面的差距。为了加强自身的弱点,它在技术和人才上投入了大量资金。它甚至挖走了Konami的大量“ Live Football”制作人员来丰富它。 “ FIFA”团队最终提高了游戏的可操作性,直到达到甚至超过对手为止。

Technological progress has not only improved the operability, but the visual expression of the game has also been greatly improved. The appearance of the players, the environment of the stadium, and the overall atmosphere have become the source of the real sense of the game. When I tried to play "FIFA" at a friend's house in 2016, I found that the game feel was not inferior to the actual situation. Because of the accumulation of copyrights, the visual experience in the game is more realistic, especially in terms of details and reality. The authenticity of the football game greatly exceeds that of "Live Football".

技术进步不仅改善了可操作性,而且游戏的视觉表达也得到了极大的改善。球员的外表,球场的环境和整体氛围已经成为真正意义上的比赛的源头。当我在2016年尝试在朋友家玩“ FIFA”时,我发现游戏的感觉并不逊于实际情况。由于版权的积累,游戏中的视觉体验更加逼真,尤其是在细节和现实方面。足球比赛的真实性大大超过了“实况足球”。

In fact, the "Football" series relies on the long-term accumulation of player reputation and game operability advantages. After its launch on the PC side, the sales volume has increased steadily. The sales volume at the peak period can be comparable to that of "FIFA", especially that year. "Football 8" swept various Internet cafes around 2005, and it was also an unprecedented event.

实际上,“足球”系列依赖于玩家声誉和游戏可操作性优势的长期积累。在PC端启动后,销量稳步增长。高峰时期的销量可以与“ FIFA”相媲美,尤其是当年。 “足球8号”席卷了2005年左右的各种网吧,这也是前所未有的事件。

However, when "FIFA" gradually conquered the city around 2010, "Live Football" was gradually in a disadvantaged situation due to the lack of copyright. Many teams could not use their real names and jerseys. The Manchester duo's Man Red and Man Blue also A good guess, as for the MD White, AN White Red, East Midlands, Tyneside and other teams, it is difficult for the old players to check the lineup without entering the team to determine which team it is. The long-term absence of the Bundesliga led me to find Bayern in the list of other teams in the "Live Football 2010" Masters League and sign Ribery with "no ball to play".

但是,当“ FIFA”在2010年左右逐渐征服这座城市时,“ Live Football”由于缺乏版权而逐渐处于不利地位。许多球队无法使用其真实姓名和球衣。曼彻斯特二人组的曼红和曼蓝也很不错,因为MD怀特,AN怀特红,东米德兰兹,泰恩赛德和其他球队,老球员很难进入阵容而不进入球队来确定哪支球队它是。德甲长期缺席,这使我在“ Live Football 2010”大师联赛的其他球队名单中找到了拜仁,并以“没有球可打”的方式签下了里贝里。

When the operability of the game is obviously superior, these troubles are not a big deal. You can also be familiar with the inexplicable team logo after watching a few times. In addition, domestic players can also use various "self-made big patches" to greatly enrich the details of the game. . But when the overall level of "FIFA" is gradually catching up, with games that can be played after installation, many fans are reluctant to look for "patches" in the forums.

当游戏的可操作性明显优越时,这些麻烦就不算什么了。观看几次后,您也可以熟悉莫名其妙的团队徽标。此外,国内玩家还可以使用各种“自制大补丁”极大地丰富游戏的细节。 。但是,当“ FIFA”的整体水平逐渐赶上并安装了可以玩的游戏时,许多粉丝便不愿在论坛中寻找“补丁”。

Therefore, it is inevitable that the sales volume of "FIFA" is much higher than that of "Football".

因此,“ FIFA”的销量不可避免地要比“ Football”的销量高得多。

EA can improve operability to achieve surpassing, then Konami can also increase investment in copyright to regain lost ground. The withdrawal of Barcelona from the "FIFA20" competition this time is just the tip of the iceberg of this "copyright war". In the battle for copyright in football games, it is impossible to solve the problem once and for all. Different football elements are authorized by different organizations. For example, having a league authorization does not亚搏手机版APP necessarily mean having a team authorization, and having a team authorization does not necessarily mean having a stadium authorization. Even FIFA does not own the copyrights of all member teams. Collecting complete copyrights is a difficult task.

EA可以提高可操作性以实现超越,然后Konami可以增加对版权的投资来重新获得失地。巴塞罗那这次从“ FIFA20”竞赛中退出,只是这场“版权战争”的冰山一角。在足球比赛的版权争夺战中,不可能一劳永逸地解决问题。不同的足球元素由不同的组织授权。例如,拥有联赛授权并不一定意味着拥有球队授权,拥有球队授权并不一定意味着拥有体育场授权。甚至FIFA也不拥有所有成员团队的版权。收集完整的版权是一项艰巨的任务。

In order to further expand its advantages, EA's copyright offensive has been very fierce in recent years. "FIFA2017" directly authorized the exclusive rights of the Japanese national team players亚搏手机版APP' portrait rights, and burned the war to Konami's "home", the Japanese team in "Football 2017" It has also become a bunch of dummies; the copyright war between the two sides in 2018 even hit the secondary battlefields of the Super League and South America, but it is obviously that EA is slightly better. In "FIFA2019", EA grabbed the authorization of the UEFA Champions League at a high price and took away Konami's long-term signature.

为了进一步扩大其优势,近年来,EA的版权攻势非常激烈。 “ FIFA2017”直接授权了日本国家队队员肖像权的专有权,并将战争烧毁给了Konami的“家”,日本队在“ Football 2017”中也成了一堆假人;双方在2018年的版权战甚至打入了超级联赛和南美的次级战场,但显然EA略胜一筹。在“ FIFA2019”中,EA以高价获得了欧洲冠军联赛的授权,并取消了Konami的长期签名。

EA has taken the lead in copyright purchases by a large margin, but Konami didn't mean to catch it all. In recent years, with the good sales of many excellent games and the outstanding business performance of the group in mobile games and arcade games, Konami has sufficient funds in its hands. They began to use key breakthroughs to develop their own copyright purchase plan, using the method of buying large-traffic wealthy clubs to counter the full spread of EA.


Konami has maintained a good relationship with Barcelona for many years, and has purchased Juventus' exclusive rights (the team name, stadium, jersey and many trivial links are all won), not only has gathered the most appealing "peerless doubles" in today's football The copyrights of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also made the Camp Nou and other famous stadiums disappear from opponents' games. In addition, Konami has also signed in-depth cooperation agreements with Manchester United, Bayern and other giant clubs. The copyright of next year’s European Cup is also a new selling point of "Football"...

Konami与巴塞罗那保持多年良好的关系,并购买了尤文图斯的独家权利(球队名称,球场,球衣和许多琐碎的联系都获得了),不仅获得了当今足球界最吸引人的“绝世双打”梅西(Mess)和克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)的版权也使诺坎普球场和其他著名的体育场从对手的比赛中消失了。此外,科乐美还与曼联,拜仁等大型俱乐部签署了深入合作协议。明年欧洲杯的版权也是“足球”的新卖点...

At the club level, Konami took away the teams with the most traffic, and also affected the integrity of the copyright of EA's leagues. Konami owns all the copyrights of Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United and Bayern from players to mascots. For EA, which only won Liverpool, Tottenham and Paris, this counterattack by Konami is extremely sharp, even Influencing "FIFA" in recent years, the most popular Ultimate Team mode that everyone is crazy about drawing cards.

在俱乐部一级,Konami淘汰了流量最多的球队,还影响了EA联赛版权的完整性。 Konami拥有巴塞罗那,尤文图斯,曼联和拜仁从球员到吉祥物的所有版权。对于仅赢利物浦,热刺和巴黎的EA来说,Konami的这种反击非常敏锐,甚至影响了近年来的“ FIFA”,这是每个人都对抓牌感到疯狂的最受欢迎的终极团队模式。

After a set of acquisitions, Konami and EA's stock prices rose and fell, and the evaluation of "Football 2020" was significantly better than the previous works. Although "FIFA 20" can still play, its dominance of the world is indeed affected. , The copyright war between the two major football game manufacturers has further escalated.

经过一系列的收购后,Konami和EA的股票价格起伏不定,对“ Football 2020”的评估明显优于以前的作品。尽管“ FIFA 20”仍然可以播放,但其在世界上的统治地位确实受到影响。 ,两大足球游戏制造商之间的版权战争进一步升级。

It seems that the copyright war between the two football game giants will continue, but from the perspective of players, we hope that the two companies will not relax the improvement of game performance. After all, the authenticity of football games does not only come from visual experience. It is important to obtain copyright in the era of insufficient technical conditions, but football games with rough pixel blocks on 8-bit and 16-bit game consoles can still bring players laughter. If you can't improve the operability and innovative gameplay of the game, all realistic and cool pictures are clouds. I hope that "FIFA" can continue the strength of the UT mode to bring joy to players, and hope that "Live Football" can also develop the eclectic mode of Green Legend, so that we can feel the real football in the virtual world.

似乎两家足球游戏巨头之间的版权之战将会继续,但是从玩家的角度来看,我们希望两家公司不会放松游戏性能的提高。毕竟,足球比赛的真实性不仅来自视觉体验。在技​​术条件不足的时代获得版权很重要,但是在8位和16位游戏机上具有粗糙像素块的足球比赛仍然会引起玩家的笑声。如果您无法改善游戏的可操作性和创新性的游戏玩法,那么所有逼真的且酷炫的画面都是乌云密布的。我希望“ FIFA”能够延续UT模式的力量,为球员带来欢乐,并希望“ Live Football”也能发展绿色传奇的折衷模式,使我们能够在虚拟世界中感受到真正的足球。