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Source: Chengdu Xingcheng Football Club

source: Cheng读xing成football club

   At 15:00 on October 3, Beijing time, in the seventh round of the first stage of the Chinese League, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat played against Beijing Beiti University. In the first round of the two sides, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat won 1-0.




   substitution information:


   45th minute: Ma Xiaolei↑ Wang Xiaolong↓


   The 63rd minute: Gurditch↑ Leonardo↓ Luo Xin↑ Hu Ming↓


The 88th minute: Lu Yang, Wu Guichao


  90th+1 minute: Zhang Jingyang↑ Quintana↓




   In the 4th minute, the Xingcheng Habitat team completed their first shot and Leonardo volleyed in the penalty area and hit the side net.




   In the 20th minute, Leonardo flew the header and Quintana made a single cut, but the final shot went wide.


   In the 23rd minute, Wang Xiaolong broke through and caused the opposing player to foul at the front of the penalty area. Gan Rui's direct positioning kick was slightly weaker and he was slammed by the opposing goalkeeper.


   In the 44th minute, Quintana defended against the three men in front of the scene. He turned around and shot a high-quality shot from the open angle. Unfortunately, the ball brushed the left post and went wide.


   At the end of the first half, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat maintained a 1-0 lead.


   Easy side to fight again, the situation on both sides is stalemate, Xingcheng Habitat has been patiently conducting to create offensive opportunities.


   In the 72nd minute, Luo Xin sent a precise diagonal pass from the left, and the outflanked Jurdic was blocked by the opponent's goalkeeper and failed to hit the goal.


   In the 77th minute, Yan Shipeng completed a vigorous volley outside the penalty area and the ball went above the crossbar.


   In the 82nd minute, Ma Xiaolei showed his personal ability. He dribbled the ball on the left and passed the opponent's two defensive players and used his speed to drive straight in. Unfortunately, the last shot was taken by the opponent's goalkeeper.


   In the 89th minute, Gyurdic hit the goal with a barb from the penalty area and was interfered by the opponent's defender. Then he grabbed the ball by himself and again finished a strong shot and hit the goalkeeper.






Carlos, who attended the press conference after the game, summed up the game: "I got 18 points and I am very satisfied. Our players are a bit tired but everyone is very fighting. The first half played very well and we beat us. Own play style, the opponent played well in the second half, but we returned to fight back and created a lot of opportunities. Today we care more about the victory points. We could have scored again, but we were not sure of it. But we kept winning. Fruit, the rhythm is good and the intensity is good. Congratulations to the players."


Speaking of the team’s rotation, Carlos said: “Because the players are exhausted, the previous game has also been rotated. Now we have 18 points, but theoretically have not advanced. If the score is stable, we will consider letting More players play. The schedule is very tight and we will all rotate."


   Wang Xiaolong, who represented the Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat team for the first time, accepted an interview: "Everyone is in good shape in this game. The team won and scored three points. We are very happy."




   During the National Day holiday, many fans chose to come to the second home to share the football feast. Today, the second home of the Mag Brewery Beer Hall welcomed many fans, cheering for the team together, and the atmosphere was very warm. The intermission club organized an on-site lottery draw, and everyone actively participated in it. They gave away signed posters, tickets for the live game of Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat vs. Taizhou Yuanda on October 7, and other exquisite gifts. Thank you to all fans who support and follow Chengdu Xingcheng Football Club. Your support is the driving force for the team's continuous progress!

国庆假期期间,许多球迷选择来到第二个家分享足球盛宴。今天,Mag Brewery啤酒厅的第二故乡迎来了许多球迷,一起为球队欢呼,气氛非常热烈。中场休息俱乐部组织了现场抽奖,每个人都积极参加。他们赠送了签名的海报,10月7日成都兴城人居对台州远大现场比赛的门票以及其他精美礼物。感谢所有支持和关注成都兴城足球俱乐部的球迷。您的支持是团队不断进步的动力!

   A birthday star fan was also welcomed at the second scene today. The club prepared a birthday surprise for her, cutting the cake and blowing candles together. Chengdu Xingcheng Football Club hopes to build a warm and loving family with all the friends who love it, laugh and grow together!


   On October 7th, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat will face Taizhou Yuanda. The game will be held at Shuangliu Sports Center. Due to the limited number of seats in the open stands, tickets for October 7 have been sold out. You can follow the WeChat official account of "Chengdu Chuanyi Ticketing" and follow other ticket purchase information.