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The Merseyside Derby in the first leg of the Premier League this season was extremely fierce. Leader Everton played against the defending champion Liverpool at home, but the game still robbed the limelight of the controversial penalty. In addition to Henderson’s stoppage-time lore being blown and Mane’s “body-hair offside” citing the VAR argument, Pickford’s foul action on Van Dyke was not penalized and also caused widespread after the game. discuss. In the 6th minute of the game, Van Dijk was overwhelmed by Pickford's scissor when he outflanked. VAR showed that Van Dijk was offside. The referee did not award a penalty. However, the dangerous action of the England goalkeeper caused the Dutchman to leave the field. .

本赛季英超联赛第一回合的默西塞德德比异常激烈。埃弗顿领袖主场对阵卫冕冠军利物浦,但这场比赛仍然使争议性的点球大跌眼镜。除了吹响亨德森的补时知识,以及曼恩援引VAR的论点“越过身体”之外,皮克福德对范戴克的犯规行为并未受到处罚,并且在比赛后引起了广泛关注。讨论。在比赛的第6分钟,范迪克(Van Dijk)弯腰时被皮克福德(Pickford)的剪刀压倒了。 VAR显示Van Dijk越位。裁判员未判罚。但是,英格兰守门员的危险举动导致荷兰人离开了赛场。 。

As the god of England, Pickford has recently become a target of public criticism. With Brighton, Pickford was criticized for losing the ball with a turnover, and the addition of substitute goalkeeper Olsen also made him feel pressured. In the derby against Liverpool, Pickford's dangerous action against Van Dyke attracted public opinion, and the referee Oliver and VAR referee Kurt did not say anything about Pickford's behavior. After the game, English football players expressed their opinions.


Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett believes that even though Van Dijk is offside, Pickford should still be sent off. Alan Shearer said in an interview that VAR can detect Mane's "body-hair offside", but he can't see Pickford's obvious foul action, which is extremely absurd. Former Premier League referee Kratenberg stated in the "Daily Mail" column that regarding Pickford’s injury to Van Dyke, the referee Oliver on duty should go to the sidelines to watch the monitor in person, and Van Dyke was offside First, it did not affect Pickford's red card. Two Liverpool celebrities Souness and Carragher even broke out in a dispute over whether Pickford was guilty, and Manchester United celebrity Gary Neville had already stated on his personal social media that Pickford’s move did not result in a red dot package. lucky.

英超前裁判基思·哈克特(Keith Hackett)认为,即使范迪克(Van Dijk)越位,皮克福德(Pickford)仍应被遣散。艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)在接受采访时说,VAR可以检测到Mane的“身体-头发越位”,但他看不到Pickford明显的犯规行为,这是非常荒谬的。英超前裁判克拉滕贝格在“每日邮报”专栏中表示,关于皮克福德对范戴克的伤害,当值裁判奥利弗应该在场上当场观看监视器,而范戴克越位第一,这并不影响皮克福德的红牌。利物浦的两位名人苏尼斯(Souness)和卡拉格(Carragher)甚至在关于皮克福德是否有罪的争执中爆发,曼联的名人加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)已经在他的个人社亚搏手机版APP交媒体上表示,皮克福德的举动并没有产生红点。幸运。

Due to Pickford’s dangerous actions, Van Dyke injured his knee and needed surgery. He is expected to be absent for several months. This also means that the Dutchman has basically been reimbursed this season亚搏手机版APP. Everton legend Leon Osman even said Pickford’s this This may ruin Van Dijk's career. Recently, the FA has confirmed that Everton goalkeeper Pickford will not be punished for the action of flying shovel Van Dyke, which is regarded as the end of the conviction. However, the fans' condemnation of Pickford did not end, because the Englishman is not the first offender.

由于Pickford的危险举动,Van Dyke膝盖受伤,需要进行手术。预计他将缺席几个月。这也意味着荷兰人本赛季基本已经获得报销。埃弗顿传奇人物莱昂·奥斯曼(Leon Osman)甚至说,皮克福德(Pickford)的这可能会破坏范迪克的职业生涯。最近,英足总已经确认埃弗顿的门将皮克福德不会因为飞铲Van Dyke的举动而受到处罚,这被认为是定罪的终结。但是,球迷对皮克福德的谴责并没有结束,因为英国人不是第一犯人。

When it comes to football villains, the first thing we think of is South Pepe North De Jong. The monk Pepe passed the kung fu to Ramos, who practiced as a "card master" to help Real Madrid win countless honors. As for Nigel De Jong, when he was in his prime, he is so famous that no one can match him. In the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa, Spain played against the Netherlands. De Jong's Kung Fu kick against Alonso is still fresh in my memory, but such a nasty aggressive action only allowed the Dutch midfielder to get a yellow card.

说到足球反派,我们首先想到的是南佩佩北德容。和尚佩佩将功夫传递给了拉莫斯(Ramos),拉莫斯被当作“纸牌大师”来帮助皇家马德里赢得无数荣誉。至于奈杰尔·德·琼(Nigel De Jong),当他处于巅峰时期时,他是如此出名,以至于没人能比拟他。在2010年南非世界杯决赛中,西班牙对阵荷兰队。 De Jong对Alonso的功夫踢仍然在我的记忆中,但是如此讨厌的侵略性行动只允许荷兰中场获得一张黄牌。

If mentioning De Jong, Alonso would caress his chest and feel lingering, then Ben Alpha would have to tremble in his calf. As one of France's 87 little swans, Ben Alpha's career did not reach the height it should be, and the broken leg incident that year left him a lot of psychological shadow. In the seventh round of the 2010-2011 Premier League season, Manchester City played at home against Newcastle United. Only 3 minutes into the game, Ben Alpha was unable to get to the ground when he encountered De Jongfei in the frontcourt. At that time, he could only take oxygen and be carried out by a stretcher. De Jong's action caused Ben Alpha's tibia and fibula to fracture at the same time, and he missed the game for nearly a year. We believe that no player will maliciously foul others for the purpose of ruining the career of others, but serious injuries have a great impact on professional players. Those players who do not pay attention to avoiding dangerous moves and make their feet can hardly escape the condemnation of public opinion.

如果提起德容(De Jong),阿隆索(Alonso)会抚摸他的胸部并感到缠绵,那么本·阿尔法(Ben Alpha)将不得不在小腿发抖。作为法国的87只小天鹅之一,本·阿尔法(Ben Alpha)的职业生涯没有达到应有的高度,那一年的断腿事件给他留下了很多心理阴影。在2010-2011英超联赛赛季的第七轮中,曼城主场对阵纽卡斯尔联。比赛进行仅3分钟,本·阿尔法(Ben Alpha)在前场遇到德容菲时就无法站稳脚跟。那时,他只能吸氧气,只能由担架进行。德容的举动导致本·阿尔法的胫骨和腓骨同时骨折,他缺席了将近一年的比赛。我们相信,没有任何玩家会出于破坏他人职业的目的而恶意伤害他人,但严重的伤害会对职业玩家产生重大影响。那些不注意避免危险动作并站起来的球员很难逃脱舆论的谴责。